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The Meanings of the Numbers



KEYWORDS: beginnings, self-determination, self-starter, innovation, exploration, aloneness, independence, and self-sufficiency.

This is the number of new beginnings, of leadership, of start-ups and self-determination. It has a particular affinity to solo work vs team work, because of its independent energy. So it can also a very pioneering number, leading the way in a field or industry. It has a rebellious energy – in a good way – and can bring a lot of focus and determination. Out of balance it can have an energy of stubborness ( though this can still be harnessed for good – sticking to your guns), or a tendency to try to do it all alone.



KEYWORDS: relationships, teamwork, companionship, coexistence, peacemaking, duality and diplomacy.

This number is all about partnerships. This could apply to working in partnership with another person, supporting the partnerships of other people, or also the partnership of values and traits. Duality – the coexistence of two, sometimes seemingly opposing, aspects that balance each other – like light and dark. Or in your business, both physical and spiritual pursuits, for example. Masculine and feminine etc. Balance is key. When harnessed, partnership and duality can bring unique dimensions to your offerings.



KEYWORDS: creative self-expression, social interaction, optimism, tolerance, inspiration, a catalyst.

Creative expression and social connection are the two key energies here, with a connection to aesthetics, and all sorts of artistic and creative pursuits have an affinity to the 3. But creativity in connection to others, in social gatherings or group activities, not so much as a solo pursuit. 3 is a dynamic force, and when harnessed is an energy for prolific creation and connection. (Out of balance, it may show up as starting a lot of projects, but getting distracted before finishing… Ooh, look, a shiny thing….)



KEYWORDS: focus, foundation, conscientiousness, method, pragmatism, reliability, earth energy, groundedness, mother earth.

This has a very grounded, dependable association. Some people have trouble with a 4 because it feels like stuckness or stagnation to them, but in balance it offers a very trustworthy energy – which in many types of businesses, is very valuable! The energy of the 4 offers something people feel like they can rely on. It is also connected to nature, mother earth, and earthy energy. It is has strong foundational energy, something that can be built upon.



KEYWORDS: expression of personal freedom, sensuality, curiosity, wit, and adventure.

Personal freedom is a huge aspect of the number 5, and so in terms of business, it encourages a unique energy, forging your own path, risk taking, and indeed, wave-making. 5 likes to rock the boat. It has a dynamic social energy like the 3, but with a bit more independence. It likes newness, change, adventure & travel. Unbalanced, it can come across as self-involved. A lot of really high-level businesses have the number 5. (E.g. Apple) While 1 is a number pioneering new beginnings, 5 is also a pioneer in the realms of changing the status quo.



KEYWORDS: Protection, nurturing, community, balance, sympathy, family, harmony, home, idealism, and healing.

The 6 has a very self-sacrificing energy. Home and family, or healing and nurturing others is a big part of it. It can also be called the mother number. Out of balance it can bring over-protectiveness and anxiety, which may lead to not taking certain risks or leaps of faith sometimes necessary to business growth. But its compassionate energy, and its leaning towards healing or teaching, is a source great strength. People feel warmly welcome by the energy of the 6.



KEYWORDS: learning, research, truth, introspection, analysis, spirituality, intuitiveness, and wisdom.

The energy of the 7 balances both practical and scientific knowledge, and the more spiritual and intuitive knowledge and ancient wisdom. It likes to both feel with the heart and think with the head and combine the two. It has an affinity to research and analysis based pursuits, and reflects the potential for a lot of introspection, philosophising and complete absorption in topics of interest. Hence, it is not a particularly social number, and can have a connection with eccentricity or the appearance of aloofness. But it is actually very connected to the core ideas and flow of life.



KEYWORDS: success, authority, power, wealth, building, business, realism, efficiency, prosperity, abundance and balance.

Though this may seem like an ideal number for all businesses – who doesn’t want success and infinite abundance?! – it also comes with its challenges and can be an intense number. Of all the numbers, it has the easiest tendency to slip into prioritising money – or more accurately, power – above all else, compromising other values. It can be quite a ‘corporate’ number. But it also has the potential for manifesting massive success and influence, and relates to having a smart business head and being a good judge of character. Use your power wisely!



KEYWORDS: humanitarianism, compassion, philanthropy, idealism, completion, and tolerance.

Being of service to others, or even all of humanity, is the highest energy here. It is a very generous energy, co-operative and creative. Whatever your business, think about the ways it might be of best service to others, or connected to furthering causes around social justice, fundraising, or giving back in some way to make the most of this energy. There’s a tendency to be idealistic or to put the needs and desires of others above practical matters – not even always a bad thing, it is just something be aware of!

Master Numbers

If you get a double digit repeating number, this is called a master number. It has an amplified energy, and also embodies some of the energy of both the number that is repeated, and the single number it adds up to. E.g. 11 has it’s own meaning, but containing the energy of a 1, and the energy of a 2 (1+1).



KEYWORDS: psychic, intuitive, higher calling, messenger, instinctive, spiritual perspective, breaking through limitations.

Combines and amplifies the independence and leadership of the masculine 1 with the feminine energy and connectedness of the 2.

The master number 11 is most often connected with a calling to bring a certain message to the world, something connected to collective consciousness or enlightenment, a purpose that will push the current boundaries of our limited perspective. But this energy really needs to be applied to a goal or focus, otherwise it becomes like water without a vessel; full of life giving potential, but with no direction or form. People with a master 11 number in their numerology can feel quite conflicted and out of place for much of their lives, until they find their voice and purpose. Can get stuck at the idea and vision stage, if not partnered with more practical ‘get-it-done’ energy. Applied to business, hopefully the business goals themselves can be a harnessing container for this powerful number’s potential.



KEYWORDS: bringing dreams to reality, creation, confidence, ambition, discipline.

Amplifies the feminine partnership energy of the 2, and combines with the earthy, foundational energy of the 4.

Has the energy and potential to turn even lofty visions and dreams and ideas into reality. But also has the tendency to blindness to potential – you need to believe in the abundance and possibilities of life to harness the 22 energy, or it can manifest as indecision, anxiety, and feeling a self-applied pressure that causes overwhelm.

In a way the 22 harnesses all the vision the 11 brings to the world, and makes it a concrete reality.



KEYWORDS: humanitarian, understanding, teacher, influencer, creative expression.

Amplifies the powers of expression of the 3, and uses it to nurture, uplift and instruct – the energy of the 6.

When harnessed decisively and with confidence, the energy of the 33 can be connected to what you might call being a ‘mover and shaker’ – it embodies some of both the vision of the 11 and the manifestation of the 22, and creatively and persuasively inspires others to come along for the ride. With this energy there can be a tendency towards preachiness, or frustration when others won’t listen or catch the vision.

In business, this energy would be especially valuable in teaching or coaching, surrounding spiritual evolution and change.

Other Double Numbers

11, 22 & 33 are traditionally the master numbers most commonly recognised or referred to.

But all repeating digits have their own amplified energy, as I described above. Strong potential, but sometimes more challenging energy to harness too. (With great power comes great responsibility!)

If you got a master number beyond 33, you can deduce a bit of its meaning yourself from the numbers it contains.